group造句(新概念英语第二册 Lesson 13)

group造句(新概念英语第二册 Lesson 13)

group [ɡru?p] n. 小组, 团体

to work in groups

There are no significant differences between the two groups of students.

a newspaper group

a group of pop singers

He grouped his books into five fields.

group造句(新概念英语第二册 Lesson 13)

club [kl?b] n. 俱乐部

Join a social club to make new friends.

She is a life member of the club.

I play a club.

heart// club// diamond// Spade

group造句(新概念英语第二册 Lesson 13)

performance [p??f??m?ns] n. 演出

He is praised for the excellent performance of his job.

① n. 执行,完成,履行

His performance in the mathematics exam is not very good.

② n. 表现,工作情况

It’s a magic performance.

③ n. 演出,表演

group造句(新概念英语第二册 Lesson 13)

perform v.


They are performing on the stage.

perform a trick


perform one's promise

perform an operation

occasion [??ke??n] n. 场合;机会

They were unsuitably dressed for the occasion.

On one occasion, she called me in the middle of the night.

on this/ that occasion 在这种时候,这次

I’ll buy a car if the occasion comes.

occasionally <adv.>=sometimes

We occasionally meet for a drink after work.

group造句(新概念英语第二册 Lesson 13)


The Greenwood Boys are a group of pop singers.

At present, they are visiting all parts of the country.

They will be arriving here tomorrow.

They will be coming by train and most of the young people in the town will be meeting them at the station.

Tomorrow evening they will be singing at the Workers' Club.

The Greenwood Boys will be staying for five days.

During this time, they will give five performances.

As usual,the police will have a difficult time.

They will be trying to keep order.

It is always the same on these occasions.


keep order

in order of size

out of order


The officer ordered them to fire.


She arrived early in order to get a good seat.

3) 目的,意向

Key structures: 将来进行时

1. 定义:表示在最近的将来正在进行的动作或说话人设想已经安排好的事情;

2. 结构: will be doing//第一人称可用shall be doing;

3. 将来进行时和一般将来时的区别:

(1) 将来进行时常用来表示说话人已经安排好在最近或以后将正在进行的动作;不用一般将来时做替换;

She’ll be watching the football game at 8 tomorrow evening.

By this time tomorrow, I shall be lying on the beach.

(2) 将来进行时与一般将来时有时表达的意思差不多;



She will arrive in Shanghai tomorrow morning.(100%的确信)

She will be arriving in Shanghai tomorrow morning. (说话人不那么肯定)

(3) 将来进行时用于询问别人的计划、打算时比将来进行时更但委婉、客气。

Will you be spending your holidays abroad this year?(不熟悉的人之间)

Will you spend your holidays abroad this year?(关系较好的人之间)

group造句(新概念英语第二册 Lesson 13)

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