What is Silent Method in Avast?

Avast provides great prevention of malware, nonetheless it can sometimes get yourself a little chatty and display a lot of notifications and popups. Place interrupt online games and other full-screen applications. Fortunately, it will be easy to disable these notices through the avast muted mode.

The silent mode in avast is a feature that will suppress all signals and notifications as soon as the program detects that you’re using a full-screen application. This really is helpful for those who are gambling, screen writing, or just want to avoid distractions. This software will not temporarily stop the real-time scanning, though, so it will be able to screen your data and local network for dangers.

To power up the muted mode, merely start the Avast client and click on the menu inside the notification area or the personal pc icon in Windows. Select the “Silent/Gaming mode” option and confirm that it can be enabled. After the feature is certainly active, you will observe a purple indicator inside the system rack (next to the clock). You may also disable this mode physically by clicking on the icon in the system tray and selecting the alternative again.

The quiet setting in avast can be avastforwindows.co/avast-unable-to-scan-my-pc-reasons-and-solutions/ especially useful for computer programmers and cyber criminals who work online. This can help all of them concentrate on the projects without having to be distracted by simply any popups or announcements. The characteristic can be found in the options case from the avast consumer and is quite easy to use.

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