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介绍成都的英语作文,关于成都的英文作文(附译文) - 我要软文网




The final exam is over, my father and mother and friends to go to Chengdu tourism, we went to a total of 12 people, the team is really go forward with great strength and vigour.



On the first day we went to Wuhou Temple, is my most want to play the scenic spots, because it is dedicated to Liu Bei and Zhu Geliang, this is my favorite three characters (I am a real three fans). Liu Bei in Wuhou Temple is not so handsome in my imagination, I love the statue of Zhang Fei, the black eyes can be fun, and a statue of Zhao Zilong is a white beard old man, the tour guide said this is because Zhao Yun is Tianlong himself, very long. Many great people, Wuhou Temple, we also saw before and after Yue Fei wrote Inst, Yue Fei’s calligraphy great, original ancient generals can write a good hand.


The second day we went to Dujiangyan, there is a water conservancy project, very powerful, but a lot of rain, we all dressed in brightly coloured raincoats, do not remember what, but I remember the day the urgent urgent, we walked a long bridge, the bridge crane was shaking powerful, very exciting and very scary. We also went to Qingchengshan in the afternoon, only to play a raincoat, ha ha.


The third day we continue to climb, this is Leshan Giant Buddha, the Buddha is really great, we have come to the following from its head again, it is said that next year will not see the Buddha’s body, because later in the body where building houses protected. We also saw the mountain was larger than the Leshan Giant Buddha Buddha. Tell you a little knowledge of the mountain Leshan Giant Buddha is not called Leshan, called mountain peak. Evening we went to eat the best local hot pot, the taste is really good.

第四天还是爬山,这次是峨眉山,峨眉山很漂亮,我们坐了缆车,一百个人同时能挤在一个篮子里的,不过真得很挤,我们一人买了一根竹棍子做拐杖,感觉像孙悟空一样。峨眉山顶我看到了雪山,是西藏的雪山,衬着白云,像天堂一样,美极了。我还在山顶点了莲花灯… 不过挺遗憾的,我们没去猴区,因为我们实在是爬不动了,据说那里有很多流氓猴… 不去也蛮好的。

Fourth days or mountain climbing, this is Mount Emei, Mount Emei is very beautiful, we took a cable car, one hundred people at the same time to squeeze in a basket, but it is very crowded, we each bought a bamboo stick stick, feel like Sun Wukong. I saw the snow mountain Emei Mountain, Tibet mountain, lined with white clouds, like a paradise, very beautiful. I’m still at the top of the mountain… But unfortunately, we did not go to the monkey area, because we really do not climb, it is said that there are a lot of rogue monkey… Don’t go too fine.


The fifth day is the last day, finally do not have to climb the mountain, we went to the panda base, but only saw the lazy panda cub, and panda, had nothing to say. In the afternoon we went to Du Fu Thatched Cottage, where is the place where Du Fu once lived, very beautiful also very big, I always thought that Du Fu is very poor, lives in the house, originally is not such!


Happy time always flies, we are reluctant to part left Chengdu…

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